Ram TRX Supercharger Comparison: Whipple Gen V 3.0 vs. Gen VI 3.8.

Ram TRX Supercharger Comparison: Whipple Gen V 3.0 vs. Gen VI 3.8.


For power enthusiasts and off-road aficionados, the Ram TRX is the ultimate canvas for pushing performance limits. The truck's evolution has seen a significant leap with the fifth-generation TRX, where reaching four-digit horsepower and shattering quarter-mile records have become the new norm. This piece zeroes in on the differences between the Gen V 3.0 Whipple and the Gen VI 3.8 Whipple superchargers, enriched by data from over 150 TRX services at Wragth Motorsports and enriched by their remote and online tuning experiences. This analysis, while technical, is broken down to engage builders, tuners, and enthusiasts alike.

Supercharger Design:

The leap from the Gen V 3.0 to the Gen VI 3.8 Whipple superchargers is marked by a fundamental design shift. The Gen V 3.0, not specifically devised for the TRX, often required retrofitting, which proved less effective under the hefty demands of the TRX's mass and drive for speed.

The Gen V 3.0 featured a sectional build, smaller rear support housing, and a throttle body capped at 112MM. These elements, under the extreme duress and heat of high-intensity TRX runs, led to common failures.

The Gen VI 3.8, however, was conceived with the TRX in mind, boasting a monolithic design, upscaled rotors, robust support, bearings, and a throttle body reaching 130MM, aiming to conquer the shortcomings of the Gen V 3.0.


Our performance case study is based on a 2021 Ram TRX tuned by Wragth Motorsports. Initially, with the Gen V 3.0 Whipple, the truck clocked an average of 880HP and 774 FT-LBS of torque at the wheels, peaking at 893 HP and 804 FT-LBS of torque on a conservative Mustang Chassis Dyno.

Upon upgrading to the Gen VI 3.8 Whipple, the truck saw a leap to 1,000 HP and 943 FT-LBS of torque at the wheels, a testament to the new supercharger's ability to handle 60% more air intake and translate it into tangible performance gains.

Acceleration-wise, the Whipple 3.0 propelled the truck from 0-60MPH in 3.12 seconds and through the 1/8-mile in 7.2 seconds. The Gen VI 3.8, however, trimmed the 0-60MPH time to 2.8 seconds and the 1/8-mile to 6.8 seconds, although the quarter-mile track test was not possible due to the engine and transmission's limits.

Performance Summary:

Horsepower: Surged by 120 HP at the wheels
Torque: Ramped up by 139 FT-LBS at the wheels
0-60 MPH: Slashed by 0.3 seconds
1/8 Mile: Cut down by 0.4 seconds and increased by 5mph in speed

Despite its power surge, the Gen VI 3.8 Whipple has not detracted from the TRX's drivability. The throttle response remains sharp, and with calibrated transmission settings, the driving experience is even more exhilarating.

The Gen VI 3.8 Whipple install mirrors that of its antecedent, ensuring an efficient upgrade with minimal adjustments to the existing setup.

Closing Thoughts:
The Gen VI 3.8 Whipple stands as a significant evolution over the Gen V 3.0, tailored specifically for the TRX's performance exigencies. Though it may be excessive for stock configurations and everyday use on regular fuel, proper tuning and pulley choices are key to harnessing its full potential. For those ready to elevate their TRX performance, Wragth Motorsports offers bespoke solutions. Check out their website and submit a Service Request Form to get started on optimizing your TRX. 

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