Pushing the Limits: The Ram TRX Hellcat Engine's Ultimate Test (Positive Displacement Version)

Pushing the Limits: The Ram TRX Hellcat Engine's Ultimate Test (Positive Displacement Version)

Please note that the setup and testing described in this blog post are not recommended for everyday use. This test was conducted to explore the absolute limits of the Ram TRX's Hellcat engine and should not be replicated without expert guidance. We advise consulting with your local performance shop and trusting their expertise. Safe boost levels typically average 15-16 PSI on pump 93 and 20-22 PSI on E85. Attempting these modifications without the necessary supporting mods and careful calibration oversight is not advised and could lead to significant damage or safety issues.

Welcome to Ram TRX Racing, the hub for enthusiasts who believe in pushing the boundaries of what's possible. The Ram TRX, a formidable force straight from the showroom, is more than just a truck for our community—it's a symbol of unbridled power and potential. In this blog post, we're delving into a topic that's often speculated about but seldom backed with hard evidence: the maximum capabilities of the Ram TRX's Hellcat engine. Join us as we explore the zenith of positive displacement and performance.

The Wragth Motorsports 1200 Package – A Powerhouse Revealed:
Our journey into the world of extreme performance begins with a 2021 Ram TRX, outfitted with the Wragth Motorsports 1200 package. This truck has been a testament to the resilience and power of this upgrade, maintaining peak performance for over a year. Initially, the truck showed 540HP and 548 FT-LBS at the wheels on Wragth Motorsports' Mustang Dyno. After the 1200 package installation, it surged to a peak of 893 HP (averaging 881) and 805 FT-LBS. When we consider a drivetrain loss of 28.2% at full load, these figures translate to an astounding 1,143HP and 833 FT-LBS at the crank – an increase of 353HP and 257 FT-LBS at 21 psi of boost. Click here to see the post. 

Exploring New Frontiers with Whipple’s Gen VI 3.8L Supercharger:
In our quest to test the limits, we equipped the TRX with Whipple’s Gen VI 3.8L supercharger. Running on pump gas at 22 psi, the truck achieved 806 HP and 767 FT-LBS at the rear wheels. This was a significant leap for pump 93, but essential for our research. Elevating the game, we switched to E85 and increased the boost to 26.8 psi, where the truck impressively hit 1000HP and 943 FT-LBS at the wheels. This equates to roughly 1282HP and 1208 FT-LBS at the crank, considering the drivetrain loss. At this point, we reached MBT and decided not to push the engine further to avoid overloading the engine any further and keeping the transmission control module happy. We opted in to do some street testing and validation, and you can see the results in the video below.

Teardown Insights and Upcoming Mods:
After our comprehensive testing, we disassembled the truck for a full upgrade, including a new short block and heads cam combo from our friends over at  Late Model Engines  and a complete driveline overhaul to include Stage 2 8HP95, built transfer case, and billet converter from our buddies at  Pure Drivetrain Solutions. The teardown revealed even wear on the rods across all cylinders, indicating the stock I beams were approaching their limit. However, the pistons and crank were still in good shape. This led us to conclude that with upgraded rods and pistons, the engine could have supported an additional 100HP or so. Consequently, we now offer a  heads/cam and drop-in rod and piston combo for  both stock blower addons or larger displacement blowers. Perfect for those wanting to push the limits  safely without purchasing a longblock. 

To conclude, the stock bottom end of the Hellcat engine in the TRX can handle a gain of 460HP and 395 FT-LBS at the wheels, or 580HP and 558 FT-LBS over stock with a positive displacement blower. This is the uppermost limit for both the engine and transmission, especially at boost levels nearing 27psi.

We hope this blog post has provided both insight and excitement. A heartfelt thanks to the team at Wragth Motorsports for their unwavering commitment and expertise. If you're aiming to take your TRX from stock to an unparalleled level of performance, Wragth Motorsports offers an extensive range of services, from performance tuning, wheels and tires, brakes, lights, and accessories to make your truck unique and fun. Click here to request their services, and one of their  team members will get back to you ASAP . Embark on your journey to transform your TRX into a true powerhouse, backed by robust data and fueled by sheer passion.
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